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Downloading & Installing nWire

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Now you can download the full Eclipse IDE with nWire. The download is blazing fast using a highly optimized CDN.To get started, visit our Eclipse Download page.

Install Using the Eclipse™ Dropins Folder

nWire supports Eclipse™ and Eclipse™ based IDEs (e.g. MyEclipse™) running on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux (see FAQ for more details). To Install: download nWire, unzip into the Eclipse™ Dropins folderThe Dropins folder, available in Eclipse™ 3.4 and above, is usually found in the same folder as your Eclipse executable and restart Eclipse. The zip archive contains a readme file with more detailed installation instructions.

Important Note to Windows 7 & Vista Users: If Eclipse is installed under the Program Files folder, the installation of plugins may fail. Please read this post for more details.

Requires: Eclipse™ 3.6 to 3.4 with Java Development Tools (JDT)

Requires: Eclipse™ 3.6 to 3.5 with PHP Development Tools (PDT) or
Zend Studio 7.x

Requires: Eclipse™ 3.6 to 3.5 with PHP Development Tools (PDT) and
Java Development Tools (JDT) or Zend Studio 7.x

nWire can also be installed using the following alternative methods:

  • Using the standard Eclipse™ Update Manager from our update site at:
    This is the best option for existing customers.
    More Details...
  • Using the standard Eclipse™ Update Manager from an update site archive.
    This is a good option for offline-installation in large sites.
    More Details...
  • Using Pulse: Pulse is an Eclipse™ distribution which makes it easier to install and configure nWire.
    More Details...

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