Code Exploration for Eclipse

  • Visualize and understand the application components & associations
  • Find your way through the most complex code
  • Focus on coding, maximize your time
  • For Eclipse 3.4 to 3.6
  • For Eclipse based Java IDEs

Simple. Unique. Practical. Addictive.

  • Visualize

    Interactive visual representation of all code associations
  • Search

    Incremental search for any type of component, including classes and methods

Java Code Exploration Plugin for Eclipse

What People Are Saying?

"In large or unfamiliar applications, the ability to visualize the structural relationships within the software can be of great benefit. nWire offers an innovative solution to this common problem. It’s a powerful and useful addition to our Pulse catalog and we're pleased to offer it to our users."

Todd Williams, VP - Technology, Genuitec LLC, makers of MyEclipse IDE

"nWire is a "Find usages" in steroids"
"I have the impression that it has the potential to change in a radical way, how a developer navigates through its code"

"It will be a huge help to me managing an ever-growing project."


"Now we have nWire. woohoo!"
"...Only lately have I started using nWire. I wish I knew about it sooner."

via I'm Just Say'n

"I instantly loved the idea behind nWire, fantastic productivity boost."

"As an architect, I do have to analyze other people's code quite a bit, and I think nWire could be a useful tool for code exploration and reverse engineering. "

"@nwire I'm a happy user :-) works like a charme; still stunned by this amazing tool..."

@serradeil via Twitter