Release Notes for: nWire

Release notes for nWire, version 1.3.0


Summary: This release on focused on performance improvements, especially around PHP analysis. It only includes many small enhancements and stability improvements.

Main Enhancements:

  • The PHP analysis was almost completely rewritten and it is much faster now. Note that some associations are not analyzed in this version, including "Method Overrides Method" and "Method Implements Method". These associations will return in later releases. The dependencies analysis settings and "refresh dependencies" command were removed as they are no longer required.
  • CPU Throttling: The user can now determine how much of the CPU is allocated to the analysis process.
  • The search was greatly improved. It works much smarter now searching with case and then without case and will continue to search in a fuzzy manner.
  • nWire will now use the Eclipse defined content types in order to determine which files will be analyzed.

Minor changes and fixes:

  • Removing the data from the repository when closing a project is now optional. The default is to keep the data, as it was in nWire 1.1 and unlike nWire 1.2. This can be changed in the preferences, under nWire -> Analysis.
  • The navigator elements will load asynchronously, without delaying the user interface. A spinning wheel is shown while the navigator items are loading.
  • nWire loading is now done in the background after the Eclipse workbench is open. Thus, nWire will not delay the Eclipse startup.
  • The rebuilding of the search index which was done after Eclipse starts is also optional. You can turn it off in the preferences. You can manually invoke such a scan from the nWire Tools menu (right click on a project in the Project Explorer).

Release notes for nWire, version 1.2.0


Summary: This version splits nWire into two products: nWire for Java (the current offering) and nWire for PHP, adding PHP support to the product. It also adds some important features, including the new Smart Focus mode.

Main Enhancements:

  • Added PHP support to nWire. Split the product into two separate features for nWire and PHP.
  • Smart focus view. See the updated user guide (under Help -> Getting started) for more details.
  • More flexible license support. Can license Java and PHP separately.
  • nWire can detect and alert on issues with the nWire installation.

Minor changes and fixes:

  • Minor adaptations to Eclipse 3.5.
  • Correctly handling corrupt databases.
  • Minor performance improvements.
  • Components and associations are erased when a project is erased or closed.
  • Navigator to visualizer transition was greatly improved, allowing all the components to be visualized when clicking the Visualizer button.
  • Fixed an issues with visualizer undo/redo.

Release notes for nWire, version 1.1.0


Summary: This version introduces a much requested feature: filters. The feature enables filtering the associations shown in the navigator and visualizer.

Main changes:

  • Added Filters selection to the navigator and visualizer toolbar and a filters preferences page. More details on the filters can be found in the Getting Started guide.
  • A release notes dialog box was added. This dialog box will appear each time nWire is updated and will include the release notes from all the previous releases as well. The release notes can also be found on our site.
  • The visualizer will now partially recover after saving a file or changing the filter. When the visualizer is empty, it will show a brief help.
  • The navigator help text was updated to include more helpful hints on using the navigator.
  • A Tip Of The Day dialog was added. It appears when starting Eclipse and includes some helpful tips on maximizing nWire.
  • Minor performance improvement when starting up nWire.

Release notes for nWire, version 1.0.1


Summary: This is a maintenance release to nWire 1.0. It fixes a few issues. There's no immediate need to update.

Main changes:

  • #99 - Fixed a problem which prevented nWire from running with IBM JDK 1.6. It should now work fine.
  • #110 - Issues with nWire startup are now correctly reported.
  • #112 - Fixed a potential issue when importing projects from CVS with nWire auto-enabled.
  • The opt-in option upon activation is now clearer with a check-box which confirms the opt-in.

Release notes for nWire, version 1.0.0


Summary: This is the first final release of nWire. No functional changes in this version, mostly visual changes to adapt to the new nWire logo.

Main changes:

  • Added the new logo on nWire to the user information box and welcome screen.
  • Updated the installer with the new logo.
  • Updated the icons to adhere to the new visual cue.
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